Optimizing your Marketing

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To optimize your online marketing you will need to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a set of strategies specifically designed to increase the visibility of business websites online. A professional search engine optimization service or SEO specialist will usually be able to help you with the creation of an effective website as well as making it visible on the worldwide web and so they should be found prior to any business starting to market themselves online.

Most businesses today want an online presence as it has been shown that 30% of shoppers first look online for what they want and so if a business does not have an online presence, they will probably miss out on that 30% as potential business. Although many businesses may still use traditional offline marketing, most also use some form of online marketing as well and that online marketing is usually in the form of at least one of the SEO strategies.

Perhaps the most used SEO strategy is the use of keywords to improve a website’s chances of being visited when a relevant online search is made. How these work is that the keywords catch the attention of the search engine when a relevant online search is initiated and as its attention has been drawn to the website with the keywords, the engine places that site at the top or at least near the top of its list of r4esults, which is often inclusive of several thousand websites. So using keywords can help get a website noticed when someone initiates a relevant search but other SEO strategies or tactics can be used to attract visitors to a website even if they are only browsing the web and these strategies are PPC advertising and back linking.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is where an advert is placed on what is known as a host site and the owner of the advert pays an amount depending on either how many times the ad is clicked on or how many times the hoist site is visited. Back linking is thought by many to be better as with that a link to a website is placed on a host website which encourages visitors to the host site, to click on and also visit the linked website. For back linking to be most effective, the host site should be both very popular and also have similar interests as the website who it plays host for.

Why it is important though to choose an SEO professional that also knows about website design is because even if you do get visitors to your site, if it is boring, unattractive or has poor content, those visitors may not stay on the site long enough to know what it is offering, let alone become customers. A professional website designer or developer will know what attracts online visitors and what sort of content holds their attention long enough to take an interest in what else the site may offer.

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